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March 21, 2021

5 Sure Signs That You’re Ready For A Rebrand

You have pivoted your business

We’ve heard the word pivot A LOT over the past year or so. That’s because the global pandemic of Covid 19 has presented many challenges for businesses. Therefore, businesses have had to adapt and pivot their services and offerings or risk sinking amongst the changing waves.

Have you pivoted in the past 6-12 months? If you’ve pivoted your business over the past year or so and your business model, offerings and services have changed, there is a pretty good chance that your branding should too. In doing so, you are insuring that it can continue to appeal to your new audience and work for you. A rebrand can give your business the innovation and cohesiveness it needs to thrive in your evolving market

Your metrics are declining 

Secondly, a drop in your sales, traffic or clients might be a sign that you’re ready for a rebrand. However, it’s important to consider other outstanding factors that might be to blame as well. Some other reasons you might see declining numbers may be the season or seasonality of your business, worldly events, or change of social media algorithms. Something may also be broken or disconnected with your website and socials thus creating a disconnect and decline.

You’re having a hard time raising your prices

Your current branding may be holding you back from raising your prices. Think about it this way, if you want to appeal and look more professional/high end/or luxe, your branding should reflect that. Your current brand may have been trendy and out dated or maybe it’s something you DIY’d on a whim when you first started. Your brand is the first element your clients have to interact with and there is a small window of opportunity to appeal to them. No one is going to take you seriously if you don’t look the part. For an example, if you are going for an interview, you would want to dress the part to appeal suitable for the position. The same goes for your brand.

A brand is so significant and says so much about you. This includes the type of client you want to work with. If you want a client with a bigger budget, we can help you to rebrand to reflect and attract them. As a result, branding or a brand refresh is an opportunity that will bring you a return on your investment.

Your ideal client is out of reach

Speaking of an ideal client, you want to make sure that your branding is attracting and appealing to your ideal client, not you. Taking the time to work with your designer on strategy and pinpointing who your ideal client is exactly, is the first step in figuring out what direction to best take your rebrand in. Choosing elements, fonts and colours that only you like is NOT beneficial for your business. By taking the time to discover who your ideal client is and building that persona, it will help you to attract and target more of who you do want to work with.

You’re ready to take your business to the next level

If you’ve resonated with any of the other reasons above, you may feel like you’ve outgrown your current branding. You are ready to take your business to the next level. You may be ready to expand your business, offerings, volume and service areas for instance. Maybe you’re ready to hire and attract the right people to help you expand into your next chapter?

Whatever your reasons are, we’re here to help take you and your branding to the next level. Are you ready to level up your biz? Let’s hop on a discovery call to see how we can help get you there!

We put together a complete rebrand checklist to help guide you through the process. Download it here on click the button below!

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