honeybook - get 20% off your first year

Running a business is hard — but there are great tools and resources out there that make it easier! We’ve complied our favourite tools and resources that we love and use daily. Some of these codes are affiliate and discount links. 

HoneyBook is our CRM system that we can’t live without. From leads from our website, to starting a project, seamlessly sending proposals, invoices and contracts to getting paid quickly and efficiently all while keeping everything in one simple easy to use spot. 

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Flodesk - Get 50% off

Finally — an on brand, aesthetically pleasing, easy to use Email Campaign Manager. 

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Tailwind - $15 Credit 

Scheduling Pins and posts on Pinterest is a full time job in itself. Tailwind is an online scheduling tool that allows you to batch your content and schedule your posts and pins out for weeks and months at a time. 

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later - 10 extra posts / month 

Later has made content planning on social media, specifically, Instragram, a breeze! I no longer freeze and panic "I have to post something today but I don't know what to post" anymore. Try it for free and get 10 extra posts per month with my referral bonus!

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g suite - get 10% off your first year

From a custom professional business email address, additional cloud storage space for backing up our files, and peace of mind, to all in one calendar scheduling and video chat that lets you talk and meet with clients for more than 45 mins - G Suite was a no brainer for us and our biz! 

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adobe cc 

As a graphic and web designer, I would be lost without Adobe Creative Cloud! I literally use at least one of their creative software every day. I love each program for different things. InDesign is my go-to when it comes to designing invitation suites, brand guidelines, style guides and anything editorial based. Illustrator is a close second and I use it for smaller vector and type based projects like branding, social media graphics, vector artwork, and font manipulation. I've been using Adobe (circa CS2) for the past 15 years. The basics are still the same, but they are constantly updating the software with new streamlined and quicker tools.

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