Certified sound therapist and breathwork teacher Tiffany Hunt came to us in search of an online home for her brand, Tuned In With Tiffany. Tiffany’s mission is to facilitate sound sessions tailored to your unique needs, from mental health to relaxation, inner-child connection, creativity, clarity, physical tension and sleep. She uses various instruments, including crystal singing bowls, ocean drum, chimes, gong, crystal pyramid, a Himalayan bowl and voice to help individuals (including Veterans, First Responders and pregnant women) heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD and more. Drawing on Tiffany’s empathic nature, it was for this small business’ branding to channel the grounding element of her work while adding a pop of brightness from her personality. After some soul-searching, we dove into creating a brand and website that radiates the spirit she brings to her sound sessions!

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Branding & Strategy, Logo Design, Web Design & Development, Copywriting, Social Media Graphics

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Ashley came highly recommended to me by a fellow friend and small business owner. Right from the start, I felt that Ashley showed a genuine effort to both connect and collaborate with me. Importantly, when we did our initial interview, I sensed that Ashely really “got me” and my vision. I’m also a big believer and supporter of transformative experiences. Therefore; intuitively, I also appreciated her company name (Monarch Design Co) and the concept that butterflies represent transformation. Beautiful business cards and logos as well as a stunning website! It’s truly my dream website. I absolutely love it! I feel like Ashley and her team really captured my essence and my vision. I’m so grateful that we connected (whispers: plus, it’s really cool that Ashley whispers now too).

- Tiffany, tuned in with tiffany

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