Tuned in with Tiffany


A radiant, calming brand and welcoming website for Niagara-based Sound Therapist as she helps people tune into their mind, body and spirit through the healing power of sound.

Feeling is Healing

Overview & Details

Tiffany Hunt is a Certified Sound Therapist certified in Conscious Connected Breathwork and First Degree Reiki with over 15 years of personal and professional experience in mental health. Offering individual and group sound therapy sessions, specialized sessions and breathwork, her mission is to open up unexpected ways of healing and connection.

the client

When Tiffany first came to us, she was dreaming of a peaceful, professional brand and website that helped her build her new business and foster credibility. To help her grow her side hustle, we built a brand that she feels confident standing behind and a website that represents her values while putting her services out there into the world. With a website complete with a warm, inspiring tone of voice, on-brand visuals and compelling calls to action, she is able to achieve her goal of doing more of the work she loves, now facilitating retreats, pop-ups and workshops throughout Niagara region and beyond.

the Metamorphosis

Inspired by sound waves, Tiffany's new logo design draws on her intuitive nature and the earth's elements. Complete with watercolour-inspired graphics that unite her website, print materials and graphics, our intention was to create an inviting, warm feel that invites people to open their ears to this way of healing. 

the details

Beautiful business cards and logos as well as a stunning website! It’s truly my dream website. I absolutely love it! I feel like Ashley and her team really captured my essence and my vision. I’m so grateful that we connected (whispers: plus, it’s really cool that Ashley whispers now too).
Ashley added some very thoughtful and personal touches to our branding and website milestones (whispers: you’ll have to work together to find out what that means for you).

- tiffany, tuned in with tiffany

I wanted my website to be an authentic reflection of me and I felt very heard and understood throughout the entire process.

This Could Be You

The only thing left to do is to take the leap to create a brand and website that propels your business into the next chapter. Because when you invest in ambitious design with a team that is invested in you, there are no limits to the heights you can reach.

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