Bianca DiPietro


A bold, colourful and fun brand for this designer and educator with a fierce creative spirit that celebrates what makes you a true original.

Daring Design for the Adventurous at Heart

Overview & Details

Bianca DiPietro is a designer, educator and maker with a passion for creating something meaningful. Seeing the world as an endless creative opportunity, she has worked with brands including HelloFresh and Opencare and offers a broad range of services ranging from art direction to visual identity.

the client

When Bianca reached out, she was “long overdue” for a brand refresh that spoke to the darling design adventures she has embarked on. Wanting a brand that was an authentic representation of her personality, we channeled her daring, fun and creative approach into a visual identity that drew in her dream clients while being flexible to encompass all of her services and adventures so she can truly unleash her creativity.

The Metamorphosis

When we were designing this brand, we wanted to represent this designer’s unique, adventurous, convention-defying design approach. With out-of-the-box typography, playful use of shape, a vibrant colour palette and visual details that channel her personality (including her love of doughnuts), we created a visual story that speaks to her values and the trailblazing designs she creates.

the details

You are incredible. Thanks for making this possible. You are talented and a true design wizard. 

Thank you x 100000

- bianca dipietro, bianca dipietro design

Ashley!!! I am beyond happy, excited, and grateful. Thank you for ALL of this. 

This Could Be You

The only thing left to do is to take the leap to create a brand and website that propels your business into the next chapter. Because when you invest in ambitious design with a team that is invested in you, there are no limits to the heights you can reach.

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