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While at AS Advertising, I worked closely with Mucho Burrito on their advertising. From menu boards, take home menus, billboards and more. Mucho Burrito is an authentic Mexican food chain founded in 2006 in Mississauga, Ontario and has since grown to 80+ locations across Canada, USA and the UK.
Working with a pre-existing brand guidelines and promotional materials, the strategy for all Mucho Burrito projects was to stay on brand with clear and concise messaging. Using a range of elements, we created a variety of projects that helped Mucho Burrito expand their brand and share their story. An increase in brand awareness has helped Mucho Burrito increase business by 5-10% across their franchise system.

mucho burrito

Organic Meadow is a farmer-owned company that sells Organic farm-fresh dairy, eggs and vegetables. We have worked alongside Organic Meadow on a wide variety of packaging elements for their products, including butter, milk, kefir, cheese & ice-cream packaging. From packaging design to branding their Organic Meadow Co-Operative, we make sure that their farmers are well represented on the shelf and at trade shows. Organic Meadow has increased business by 30% since working together.

PROJECT DETAILS: Package Design, Trade Show Graphics, POS displays

organic meadow

Sofina Foods Inc. is dedicated to providing great tasting, high quality food products for retail and food service companies. As protein experts, Sofina Foods Inc. help their brands and their customers’ brands develop and distribution products. Their family of brands include Mastro, San Daniele, Janes, Lilydale and Fletchers, to name a few. While at AS Advertising, I worked on a variety of projects for Sofina Foods including branding, print design, POS display, package design and advertisments. 

PROJECT DETAILS: Branding, Advertising, Package Design, POS display

sofina foods